The Choice Firm for Oregon's Most Independent and Experienced Realtors

Sundance Realty is one of the lowest transaction fee firms in the State of Oregon.  From Portland and Salem to Medford and Klamath Falls.  From the Oregon Coast to the Cascades to John Day.  Sundance Realty is the choice firm for Oregon's Most Independent and Experienced Realtors.

Sundance Realty was established during the great recession of 2008.  Its goal was simple, to save Oregon Realtors the most on their commissions, and this underlying goal allowed the firm to thrive as others struggled.  Realtors work too hard for their clients only to surrender a percentage of their commissions, or pay large monthly fees, to firms that provide little value in return.  That is why many Experienced Realtors love Sundance Realty.  The low $500 transaction fee model allows agents to retain the commissions they are entitled.  Many active agents are able save $10,000 or more from their commissions every year.

If you are ready to really start making the most off of your hard work then don't hesitate, CONTACT US NOW!  The longer you wait the more you may lose.



See how we have been "Saving Oregon Realtors the Most on Their Commissions" since the firm was first established in 2008.  our low transaction fees, no monthly fees, and recruiting opportunities for a lifelong source of additional income draw experienced and independent Realtor within the Oregon real estate industry.


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Power Team, Realtor, Power Team Realtor, Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Investing, REI, Sundance Realty, Oregon Real Estate

February 04, 2019

by Colin Marcum

As a Realtor, you are in charge of managing your own business, and that means managing your time. Spending your time on non-result producing activities, as opposed to actions that actually generate clientele, can be seen as a waste of potential. You want to optimize the time you have to focus on those few actions that generate leads. Activities like passing out flyers and door hangers in neighborhoods, paying for ad space on signs and in papers, and being engaged in your local community are all things that may help generate leads for you, but have you thought of generating a social media presence?


Power Team, Realtor, Power Team Realtor, Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Investing, REI, Sundance Realty, Oregon Real Estate

March 30, 2019

by Colin Marcum

What is the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL)?

Bottomline: The IRRRL refinancing loan for VA (Veteran Affairs) mortgages doesn’t require lengthy application processes. By using this opportunity you may be able to secure a new mortgage with smaller monthly payments or convert your 30-year loan to a 15-year one. Basically, if you can find some benefit to your overall financial strategy in regards to your VA Home Loan, you may be able to use the IRRRL. But before we get into potential strategies in which you may use the IRRRL, let’s go over some of the facts about the program.


Power Team, Realtor, Power Team Realtor, Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Investing, REI, Sundance Realty, Oregon Real Estate

May 02, 2019

by Colin Marcum

Imagine yourself being a Realtor, and having to shop around for a brokerage that works best for your desired business model. When considering different brokerages, you’re weighing the benefits of association, and consider promises of support. Perhaps you were promised numerous listing and buyer leads, or told the only monetary costs were either the monthly fee or split commission at closing. You made a decision based on what you believed was full disclosure of all the costs and benefits between one firm versus another.


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