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Low Transaction Fees - Saving You Money

Seeking to maintain more of your commissions, and avoid excessive monthly fees seen at other firms? If your answer is "yes," then you have come to the right place.

Sundance Realty LLC charges a small $500 per closed transaction fee. Regardless of the size of your commission, the fee will never be more than $500 ($800 In-House dual Transaction Fee to replace the $500 each side). Earn a $5,000 commission; $500. Earn a $20,000 commission; still only $500.

What are our other fees?

  • 10% Fee on Referrals
  • 10% Fee on Broker's Price Opinion (BPO) Bonus
  • $50 Transaction Fee (after $10,000 cap in transaction fees for a calendar year)
  • E&O insurance is $30 a month, paid biannually

That's it! No monthly fees, No desk fees, No technology fees, No franchise fees!

By maintaining a small overhead, we can pass our savings onto you.

Recruiting Bonuses - Continuous Income

Imagine a source of income that would continue to pay you for one simple referral. That is what you can get when you invite real estate agents to join Sundance Realty LLC.

For every transaction that your recruited agent closes while working under the Sundance banner, you earn $50. For (1) as long as the agent works for Sundance Realty LLC, and (2) for as long as you are alive and have a real estate license (any US state or territory) you will continue to receive $50 for every recruited agent closing regardless of your own relationship with our firm.

If you have one agent making a single closing every month then that is equal to $600 every year; if two closings per month then $1,200 per year. If you recruited four agents and each makes a single closing then that means $2,400 per year; two closing per agent per month means $4,800 per year. Basically; the more people you recruit, the more transactions they close, the more money you will receive. A great source of passive income

Bonuses will be collected every month and distributed to you on the 31st of December of each year

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If you are an experienced and independent Realtor then you have undoubtedly given thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in lost commissions to your realty firm in the form of traditional split commissions or monthly association fees.  Joining Sundance Realty LLC provides you the ability to continue your independent real estate business without losing your hard-earned commissions and without the excessive interference of the major firms.

For those realtors that prefer to be a part-time Realtor, conducting business at your leisure, then the lack of interference and monthly association fees means you are free to engage your future clients when you are ready and without pressure from our principal brokers.  You do you!